Yes, there is a person in the world who can’t write fanfiction.

*points to self*

Yeah, I found something to write about. 

So someone asked why everyone likes writing fanfiction, and isn’t it a cop-out, et cetera…

Well, I can’t write fanfiction.

I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve tried and I just can’t do it.  I guess I need the characters to be my own; I need to know everything about them and all that jazz.

I don’t get it, though.  If presented with a question such as “What would [x] do if presented with a[n] [y], what would [x] do?”, I can answer them.  “[x] would [z], of course.”  It’s obvious.

But I can’t write it, no matter how much I might want to.  (AshwalkerxTrousers.  Yes.  Butttttt I can’t write it! D:)  I might start out writing something about the Ashwalker and his Trousers, but it will eventually deviate into something other than what was intended, and certainly not anything related to the book Frances Hardinge wrote. 

It’s really quite annoying.

The only successful fanfiction I’ve ever written has been of NaNo, and it’s usually satirical. 

So… yeah.  If you look at the internet and go “Everyone writes fanfiction!  Whyyyyyy,” just remember: Topaz can’t write fanfiction no matter how hard she tries.  It’s not as simple as stealing someone’s characters and throwing them in a different setting.  It takes something I don’t have, and I’m– if I may say so myself– a pretty good writer.

Not to be egotistic or anything.


Obligatory Post

Yes, it’s that time again…

I Have Neglected My Blog.


I just have no idea what to post. 

What should I post? ._.’


Yep, no ideas.

Love you, Wren ❤

Oh gosh, I haven’t shown off my hat here.

I was just looking down the page and saw that nice Top Blog Award picture and realised I haven’t said one word about my hat.  Silly old me.


Would you look at that, Topaz can make hats!  Not, admittedly, ones that fit anyone, but– as if that matters.

The ingredients:

-Three sheets of blue cardstock
-One toilet paper or paper towel tube
-One ribbon
-One piece of material, which may come as raw fabric or in a garment such as a slip
-A craft store
-Gold (or other metallic-coloured) paper
-Some seed beads
-Lots of thread
-Some glue
-Some tape
-Some candle wax
-A toothpick
-A needle
-More thread

The process:

-Cut a very large oval out of one sheet of cardstock.  Make it reach all the way to the edges.-Cut out the center and keep it.
-Tape the two remaining pieces of cardstock together and cut off a bit more than a third off lengthwise.  Keep the larger piece.
-Turn the large piece into a tube and make the large oval fit around it, more or less.  It can be a bit tight.
-Tape the large oval there on one end of the tube, and the center from it on the other end.  You can mess with the oval until it looks cool like the brim in the picture for the blog award down there.  This is your base: the general shape of what your hat will look like when finished, excluding any modifications you make along the way.  Make sure it looks decent.
-If you do mess with the brim, make sure to cut off the extra tube under the brim.
-Tape the fabric stuff to the cardstock.
-Take the cardstock apart and start sewing the fabric to the brim.  Then move on to the tube, then to the top. 
-Pretend you know what you’re doing.
-Sew the pieces together, making sure all loose edges are tucked under and inside.
-Pretend some more and sew all the loose edges on the inside into a nice little cushiony thing for your head.
-Parade around the house with a hat.
-Go to the craft store and get some cool accessories if you couldn’t find anything suitable at home.
-Check wallet, purse, pocket, parent, sibling, guardian, shoe, sock, sleeve, cool secret hidden pocket on the inside of your jacket, other hat, ear, nose, or other funding resource.
-When you have found enough money, buy cool accessories.  Stealing is very ill-advised.
-Go home.
-Spend an hour trying to figure out how to attach a certain cool accessory.
-Make goggles out of toilet paper/paper towel tube and cover in metallic-coloured paper.
-Sew ribbon to goggles as a strap.
-Fit strap around hat.
-Add more cool accessories.
-Take pictures of your super cool hat and show them (or it, if you’re brave enough to let your super cool hat out into the world beyond your home) to everyone you meet.
-Be at a loss for something to do.

I’m so sure you wanted to know how to make a hat.  You’re welcome.

In an hour and a half, it’ll be a new month, yippee.

I feel like I should do something in March!  Like… like… bake cookies every day!  Get a pet hedgehog!  (We’re actually trying for a kitten, but the maternal unit is holding strong.)  Write another novel!

School?  Edit?  Quilt?  Nawww.

There’s always school, though, isn’t there?  Do math.  Catch up on science.  Don’t even think about grammar.  Pretend to do literature.  Wonder about history.  Every day.  It’s depressingly monotonous, especially considering how regularly I skip everything but math because math is the one that’s hardest to keep up in.


Oh look, an entire week has gone by and I didn’t do any science.  I haven’t even looked at my history textbook in at least two weeks, let alone grammar.  Ugh.

I like English a lot, but not the way this textbook is trying to teach it to me.

Well, that’s enough rambling.  My last thirty seconds are nearly up– I’m going to post this when the statement at the beginning (in the title) is true.

Five seconds now.

This place feels very empty.

But I don’t know what to say.


(If I die in two days, know it’s because I didn’t follow the instructions in the comments on a song.)

NaNo Fan Art: Chess Set!

I made a chess set, and the pieces are NaNoers on one side and writing problems on the other.

For some reason, the caption machine is putting all the captions in capitals… sigh.

The Writers:

Rob Diaz and Heather Dudley: Our absolutely fantastic mods! The Doctor and the Beloved Queen.

The great Whashark, in all her forms.

Wifey and Heiroglyph: Sarcasm and cheerful penguin. Oh yes.

Frindle and Zoo: You look lovely, both of you.

Squishy and Sptaorrwngeh: Lovely people!

The (Un)Written:

The Rebellious Character & The Distraction: As indicated.

Plot Bunnies: Terrible little creatures that take your plot and pull it off the train tracks of plotdom…

The Hot Chocolate of DOOOOOM: We have learned to fear both hot chocolate and low red cups.

Writer’s Block: Not, as indicated, a brick.

The Traveling Shovel of Death: Not necessarily a bad thing.